Decorative Tiles

Browse our website for a wide selection of handcrafted decorative tiles including Mediterranean tiles, Hand-painted Moroccan tiles, Fez Tiles, Iznik ( Turkish / Persian tiles), Moorish mosaic tile murals in a variety of patterns and colors.

Decorative Tiles 


  • Fez Tiles

    Fez Tiles are handcrafted clay tiles, hand-painted by master tile artist using traditional cobalt blue and white Fez pottery patterns. Imperfections are evident, which lends the tiles the rich look of centuries-old terra cotta.

  • Rustic Moorish Tiles

    Shop our selection of Rustic kitchen wall tiles, Bathroom floor tile, Swimming pool tiles in the Flooring Department at The Moorish Architectural Design. Our Rustic Moorish tiles are individually hand etched glazed Moroccan clay tiles by select master artist in our workshop in Morocco.

  • Murals & Medallions

    The art of mosaic tiles in Morocco, called "Zillij," dates back many centuries. Handmade, hand-glazed and hand-cut terra cotta tile and mosaics are crafted using traditional and regional clays and glaze pigments. Moroccan mosaic tile murals are timeless and works beautifully in traditional and contemporary interiors.