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Moorish Architectural Design is the leading manufacturer, supplier specializing in Moorish tiles also known as Zellige, Zillij, Moroccan tile, Fez Tile, Zellij,  is an important element Moorish and Moroccan architecture and decorating. Zellige is an Islamic art that is based on learning, discipline, and faith. The geometric patterns reflect the Islamic belief that life is ordered by cosmic intelligence, even if people cannot always understand it. The abstract geometric patterns reflect the Islamic desire to understand God’s creation through study rather than copy creation through representational art, which is shunned as a pathway to idolatry. Zellige patterns are constructed from archetypal shapes that have been refined by centuries of scientific study, artistic tradition, and religious belief. 
Fundamentally, the purpose of Zellige is a decoration used to inspire the viewer into meditative reflection of the underlying laws governing the universe. Since Islamic tradition frowns on representational art, Muslims celebrate beauty through decorative arts, such as arabesques, textiles, architecture, tile work, and pottery design. The Prophet Mohammad is quoted as saying “God is beautiful and loves beauty.” The Prophet’s love of learning, appreciation of beauty, and directive to avoid representational art provided an ideal set of constraints for the creation and support of zillij art work. It is hard to imagine this art form arising from any other traditionThe practice of Zellige dates back to the eleventh century. The practice was likely inspired by Roman mosaics, remnants of which can be seen in the ruins at Volubilis. It is certainly influenced by Islamic belief and tradition, which warns against representational art for fear of idol worship. Whereas representational art may, according to the Islamic perspective, disfigure reality in the observers’ mind and lead to misplaced study and misguided worship, zillij, through a disciplined approach to space, line, and color, encourages the observer to reflect on the perfection of God’s creation.
Moroccan mosaics are unique in the Muslim world. The lines in Moroccan geometry are straight as opposed to the curved lines used in Middle Eastern art traditions. This straight line is thought to be an influence of pre-Islamic architecture, constructed by the Berber (Amazigh) populations before Islamic culture arrived in North Africa. The Moroccan line can be seen in both the hard edges of zillij tiles and the rectangular, not round, minaret of mosques. Moorish Architectural Design 
goal is to enlighten the public about Islamic, Moorish and Moroccan art, and to preserve their authenticity and unique beauty that has endured and been passed down in our history for centuries. Our products are traditionally handmade from quality materials sourced with the environment in mind. We are pro fair labor practices and our team of artisans offer many skilled years of experience and are passionate and dedicated to their craft.
Moorish Tiles are suitable for floors, walls projects including kitchen backsplash, kitchen floors, bathroom floors, shower walls, swimming waterline, fountains, fireplace, stairs risers, wall murals, and much more. 
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